Archiving play with a town

Part of what is important about embodied play is the discovery of game set-up and fair-play rules. For instance, when I asked them how they know who is ‘it’ earlier, they gave me two rhyming methods “blue shoes” and “21”. But when they actually played the game, their immediate response was to throw their hand to the grass and yell “touch ground, not it!”. There are other nuances, like how you “have” to tell someone if you’re “it.” There are different ways to do that. When they had described it earlier, they gave me the hand signals you use to indicate if you’re “it” or “human” (“not it”). But then when they played, it was simply yelling “Are you it?” “Yes I’m it!”. All of these kinds of play rely on an honesty system, and what Bernie De Koven talks about with in his book The Well-Played Game.

Source: Archiving play with a town | Christy’s Corner of the Universe

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