Why Programmers suck at Picking Colors

There is one simple way to tell if a user interface was designed by a programmer: the colors suck.For the longest time, I had that problem myself, so much that I decided to go grayscale (like this blog) and focus only and exclusively on brightness and contrast.This turned out to be a great strategy: picking colors from a 1D grayscale was way easier than picking it form a 3D solid cut up in 2D rainbowy slices. If we keep the background fixed (doesn’t need to be white!) then we just need to pick the right amount of contrast that we want. This is a very simple and straightforward choice.Let me repeat this because it’s very important: contrast is the basic building block of UI design. Two pieces of information with the same contrast against their background will be perceived at the same importance level (all other things being equal), while more contrast identifies more importance and less contrast identifies less importance.
Source: Stefano’s Linotype » Why Programmers suck at Picking Colors